I always get nervous for smash cakes. They either don't want to touch the cake because it is weird and scary or just cry because they don't know what they are supposed to do or some just go for it and are ready to party! Whatever the outcome, I love being there to capture all the funny faces, tears, smiles and sugar rushes.

This little cutie just dove right in! Her cake was of course watermelon themed and to her credit she ate the "watermelon seeds" (blueberries) first. She was a good girl and ate the fruit first...not sure I would do the same. Then it was SMASH time! And smash she did! So much so that all the swirls of color were like works of art. I had to get a close up of those frosting filled hands!

These moments are why I love capturing celebrations. My clients get to be in the moment and enjoy themselves. Then later they can see all those fun moments that they didn't get to see themselves. Years later, these will be fond memories to come back to. Happy 1st Madelyn!